Public affairs professionals and public servants work in various settings to design policies and programs that serve diverse populations. Effective public policy requires thoughtfully engaging with stakeholders from a range of backgrounds and cultural contexts and with varying needs and capacities. It is with this understanding that the La Follette School adopts the Diversity Statement of the UW–Madison College of Letters & Sciences:

“The College of Letters & Sciences endeavors to make academic excellence inclusive by sustaining a community of free inquiry in which people of diverse race, ethnicity, cultures, veteran status, marital status, socio-economic level, national origin, religious belief, physical ability, sexual orientation, age, class, political ideology and lifestyle participate in, contribute to and benefit equally from a liberal arts education based on the Wisconsin Idea — one in which we all contribute to advancing society.

“多样化的文科社区 - 体现在学生身上,教师,员工,管理人,受托人和其他利益相关者 - 促进有效教学,产生更大的学习成果,并为学生提供必要的日益多元化的员工队伍和多元化蓬勃发展的工具和技巧社会中的差异的尊重和赞赏。

“The College of Letters & Science is also committed to advancing and retaining students from underrepresented populations, nontraditional patterns of academic preparation, economically disadvantaged backgrounds and first-generation status.”



  1. 建立面向全体学生,教职员工,校友和其他人不同,包容性,以及绝佳的学习和工作环境谁与公共事务拉福莱特学校的合作伙伴;和,
  2. 寻求和值的所有分歧,并制定了系统和工作实践,每一个小组成员的支持获得成功,并充分发挥作用。



  • 教师强调多样性和包容性规划研究会谈时
  • 工作人员计划和促进多元化和包容性培训为拉福莱特社区
  • 学生主导教师,工作人员之间的讨论,以及学生外用多样性和包容性问题
  • 进行年度拉福莱特学校气氛调查



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